Defining success

How do we define success as a photographer? For a hobbyist, success might constitute getting an image framed and hung on the wall. For a serious enthusiast, it might mean getting published in a leading magazine. And for a professional, it might be landing a freelance job with that big client.

This raises another question: when is someone a hobbyist, or a professional? In my opinion, these are mere labels that have more to do with whether that someone chose to make their living with photography, than with the quality of their work.

As I am redefining my photography at this very moment, I am also re-evaluating what I consider being successful. I am starting to set my sights on more than creating images for my own walls, but the exact answer to that question is a work in progress. Not to mention, I might give you a very different answer in a year.

And that is okay: we don’t have to settle for a status quo because “we always thought about things this way”; instead I find it incredibly motivating to re-evaluate often what it is that we want to get out of photography (or out of anything else that we do in our daily lives, for that matter).

We should all define success in our own way as a photographer, as long as creating images that we are passionate about remains the pinnacle of that success. This is something that should never change, independent of the label that we stick onto ourselves.

What do you consider success? I would love to hear your comments!

Professional or hobbyist or otherwise, this image is hanging on my wall.

Sun through aspen leaf, Sierra Nevada, California

Sun Through Leaf II

© 2009-2015 Laura Jewell Photography. All rights reserved.

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